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Allura FC
WHO identifies CVDs (Cardiovascular Diseases) as the #1 cause of death in the non-infectious diseases category
Over 80% of CVD deaths take place in low and middle-income countries due to lack of access to affordable diagnosis and treatment.

Source: The World Health Organization (WHO)

A truly global, value product was designed and manufactured by the Development & Manufacturing Center, Pune
An affordable and versatile solution for cardiovascular X-ray interventions, assuring the highest standards of quality and reliability
I feel as though my work is contributing something for healthcare globally.

Naveen Kumar Bettaiah Ravindranath, Senior Test Engineer

Customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do at Philips. We aim to achieve an uptime of 95% for Allura FC

Gurpreet Singh Bedi, Service Marketing Manager

It is a robust system with no service call even after 800 procedures. It is surpassing our expectations

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghali, Chairman & MD, Egypheart

In 2012 Allura FC was listed by WHO as the recommended product to increase the reach of healthcare to the wider section of the society at an affordable cost.
Ambient Experience
Visiting a hospital can be an intimidating experience for patients
Patients often feel uncomfortable and anxious when a scan is needed.
Light and projection can allay the patient’s fear.

How does Ambient Experience work?

"Everybody who works in Healthcare always has a very personal story why they work for healthcare."

Iris Timmers, Product Manager

"I have to compete with four imaging centers. Normally you market to physicians, but this gives you the ability to market to consumers."

Elise MacCarroll, Admninistrative director


Heleen Verkerk, Supply chain manager - “We reduced the lead time from 20 to 6 weeks, which is quite a result.”

"Everyone wants to work in the Ambient Experience room if it’s at all possible."

Jacques Koolen, Head of cardiology

Luuk Yperlaan, Customer Service manager "With every successful installation I’ll go home with a smile on my face knowing that another group of patients will leave the hospital with a positive experience."

Ambient Experience is used by clinics and hospitals all over the world.
Ever wished you could recreate that epic vacation memory? Or capture the vibrancy of a summer day?
The world’s smartest web-enabled LED home lighting system

Meet Hue and change the way you see light

Control light wirelessly, create and personalize light with an app on your smartphone or tablet.
With its high-quality energy-saving LED light, Philips hue allows you to tune shades of white light or create any color.
The Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore collaborated with the global team to develop user intuitive mobile applications for Hue.
Being a part of the Hue team is not about project delivery or an assignment. It's about a world class experience.

Sanjeev Kumar PS, Engineering Manager

Already Hue is sparking a digital revolution in home lighting, as well as becoming an important step towards automated, connected homes.

Kevin Toms, SDK Designer and Developer

Through ongoing innovation, listening to users, and joining forces with new partners, we’ll continue to push the boundaries.

Filip Jan Depauw, Senior Director, Philips Lighting

Rated as the "Best product of 2012" by Forbes and awarded "Disruptor of the Year" at the Dutch Interactive Awards 2013.
Growing up in a hectic world means children can sometimes find it difficult to concentrate.
Light can affect our moods.

Eddine Sarroukh, Senior Scientist – "We need to look at the effect of lighting on the concentration of children in the classroom."

"This really does help me in controlling how the class responds and in helping them to be more efficient."

Claire Patard, teacher at H. de Balzac school

Rinus Cannegieter, Lighting designer - "You drive in your car and say to your girlfriend ‘Do you see that? I did that!."

"The feedback from pupils and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive."

Alex Russell, Head Teacher - Epsom and Ewell High School

Frank Allers, Supply Chain Account Manager - "It was a new market, a new concept to deliver and we had limited information."


Kim van Rosmalen, Segment Marketeer - "I woke up one morning, watched the news and the second item was SchoolVision."

"As students become more at ease, you can expect to have a better overall learning performance."

L. van Genugten, General Manager

Successfully implemented in schools all over the world.
City Touch
Streetlight accounts for 15% of electricity used to light a city.
Lighting is essential for truly livable cities.
“This is the first system I have seen where you can manage the lights of an entire city”

(Director public lighting of a utility in Germany)

“One day you work with web services, the next with databases or you implement a new way of communications”

Stefanie Brauers, Software Engineer

When combined with LED lighting, up to 70% savings in energy and maintenance costs can be achieved.

Harald Eurlings, test lead – "When we installed our demo system, our sales team told me this was one of the best set-ups they had ever seen."


Christian Schirrman, marketing manager - "We make street lighting ready for the future, for megatrends like the smart grid and internet of things."

Lighting operators can dim or brighten specific streets transforming their mood and atmosphere in an instant.
New business models to share the risks and costs for city lighting projects.

Stefan Bohrer, marketing director – "I personally feel I can make a difference in developing the solution, which is very inspiring."

CityTouch honoured as a top sustainable solution at UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) and is already being used in cities such as Prague and London.
Consumer Lifestyle
Most men believe that different occasions call for different facial styles and seek head-to-toe styling solutions
A skin-friendly, multi-grooming range was introduced to cater to the needs of the Indian youth
Collaborative approach with the Business Group immensely helped us to create a product roadmap which is based on Indian consumer insights.

Dipanjan Chakraborty, General Manager, Marketing

Designed to help Indian men make the shift from manual to electrical

Aarushi Agarwal, Director, Marketing - "We, as a team, believe in one team, one dream, end to end"


Nilesh Pandit, General Manager, Sales - "The team knows how to enjoy their small successes and have fun while doing their work"

With its skin-friendly and water-proof features, Mpower has created a buzz. It has been accepted very well by our customers.

Shini Patel, Senior Manager, Consumer Electronics, Flipkart

Empowering the young Indian male to experiment with his looks, be confident and better express his individuality
SensoTouch 3D
Men not only expect an expertly close shave, but also an advanced shaving experience with superior design.
A superior design was created in response to consumer demands

Jurrien Brouwer, Trend Analyst – "People ask you to inspire and guide them. It’s cool to see you can have that impact"

Since introducing the first PhiliShave shaver in 1939, Philips has continued to set the benchmark for electric shaving innovation and performance.
"The parts you have been looking at on your screen for weeks, you suddenly have in your hands."

Mark Elzinga – Mechanical Engineer


Jeroen Palmen – New Product Introductions Engineer – "I am the link between development, design and mass duplication in our factory."

"It’s exciting to be involved in both high level strategic discussions and concrete projects like SensoTouch 3D."

Niels van Hemmen – Category Controller Male Grooming

“The launch of SensoTouch 3D reinforces Philips global leadership position in the male electric shaving market.”

(Source: GfK, NPD, Nielsen and independent research, recalculated based on Philips sales)

When tested, 80 percent of men agree that SensoTouch 3D is the most gentle shave on the skin.

(Source: Philips Application Research Centre, April 2010)

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