The power of together

When you're at your best,
​​​​​​​we're at ours

We're always looking for ways to make life better – not only for our customers, but also for everyone working here. That's why we're taking steps to create an environment where we all acknowledge and embrace our differences and uniqueness, and listen to and value each other's views. When people feel cared for and listened to, they bring their best qualities to work, leading to better collaboration, communication, innovation and success. This is why we invest in building and fostering a culture of inclusion, as it is a key requirement to benefit from the diversity we bring.

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Taking care of ourselves
and each other

We focus on improving the well-being and health of employees proactively and holistically, offering a range of professional services and peer-to-peer support programs that provide valuable help throughout the year and enable us to listen, learn and take steps to meet people where they are. 

Based on what is impacting and affecting the health of our people, we focus on five areas of focus of well-being: Physical well-being; emotional well-being and mental health support; social well-being, which includes our hybrid working model; career well-being and mentoring programs; and environmental well-being, health and safety.
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There is no I in Team

It's easy for companies to talk the talk when it comes to
Diversity and Inclusion, but do we at Philips walk the walk?
We partnered with VICE Media to create a series of videos
that looked at diversity and inclusion from several unique perspectives
​​​​​​​and asked what impact diversity and inclusivity can have in team environments.
Life is better when you are you at Philips
An employee led culture at Philips

An employee-led culture

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led groups that play
a crucial role in helping Philips foster an inclusive workplace.
ERGs provide a safe space for employees who share a common characteristic or allies
to make meaningful connections, develop career opportunities, expand skills,
and support our Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being strategy. 
ERGs promote a sense of belonging and encourage dialogue,
providing new ways to look at issues ranging from color and gender
to neurodiversity and care-giving.

More than 10,000 employees are involved with the 12 ERGs we have currently.
Maybe one (or more) is a place for you? ​​​​​​​Or maybe you'll help us
build our next employee-led community.


Recognition of the progress we've made and strive
to keep making
#59 on Forbes' World's Best Employers list for 2022
Recognized on Fast Company's 2022 list of Brands that Matter
#101 in Forbes' list of America's Best Employers for Women 2023
Recognized on Forbes' list of Best Employers for Diversity 2023
Included on The Financial Times and Statista Leader in Diversity 2024 award list

We're as diverse as the world we live in

Tristan Lavender at Philips talking about Neurodiversity
The power of thinking differently: Why neurodiversity matters
George Persak from Philips talks about diversity
How life experiences inspired a lasting committment to diversity and inclusion