Philips is a 127-year-old company, but it’s now going through a monumental shift. That’s a really exciting thing to be a part of”

Meet some of our inspiring leaders who are shaping the future of health tech at Philips

Philips – Our journey in health technology

Learn about our strategy to address global healthcare challenges and extend our leadership in the health technology industry.

An unexpected executive career at Philips

Six years ago Sean Carney thought Philips was ‘an old technology company.’ So when he was approached to start a new executive role at Philips, he wasn’t convinced. Then something changed…

Leading change: impacting so many people

When Philips needed somebody to lead Philips Excellence, Carolyn Lum was the woman for the job. It didn’t take much to convince her. The challenge of leading change at global level was too good to pass.

Leading Philips Central and Eastern Europe - Find the best opportunities to win in the market

Having worked in multiple regions such as the Nordics, the Middle East, Ukraine and the Benelux, Reinier Schlatmann, CEO CEE thought returning to Central and Eastern Europe would be like returning home. For Reinier, this is the ultimate opportunity to make the health continuum strategy come to life.

Serving a greater purpose

At Philips, we don’t just want you to be ‘satisfied’ with your job. We want you to be curious, inspired, challenged, and most of all, excited about new possibilities. What you do every day as an employee can contribute to innovative health technologies and solutions that make a positive and very visible impact on billions of people every year. 

The buzz around innovation

As a leader in Business Transformation, Julie joined Philips to help contribute towards its healthcare vision by creating a strategy around how Philips can be more efficient and excellent in everything they do. It was the buzz around innovation and the chance to make an impact that compelled her to join.

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The things we’re doing now were things we’ve tried to do for the last ten years. People are embracing change at a speed much faster than we’ve been used to.”