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Future Health Index

The second annual Future Health Index study sheds new light on the continued challenges and opportunities global health systems face in transitioning to seamless, integrated healthcare models.

Bill McLaughlin, our longest serving employee

As a 19-year old just starting out in 1958, Bill McLaughlin had no idea that his career journey would span 58 years at one company - or that he'd end up as Philips' longest serving employee.

Embrace the Unexpected

What's #LifeAtPhilips really like? Get a better sense of the people, spirit and culture of our company.

Luc Berntsen, Mechanical Engineer

"I always tell my friends, working at Philips is like a playground for geeks."


Your career in engineering at Philips will make it possible for you to fulfil your purpose as well as your potential. Because by recognizing and applying your skills and expertise, together we can fulfil our mission to create meaningful innovation. Having reached team leader level in your engineering career, you’ll use your experience and skills to make a significant impact, developing new technologies for new industries. We’ll encourage you to find fast solutions and solve complex real-world challenges in an inspiring, diverse environment where you’ll be able to make a real difference, every day and often in unexpected ways.


Bring your career in engineering to a new level at Philips

Do you have combined technological and business or marketing knowledge? Our connected propositions are about innovating iteratively, fast. Adding new features and capabilities and combining mechanics, electronics, software and materials. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to share expertise but also build knowledge in emerging technologies so you continue to grow and develop within your role. We’re looking for driven, talented professionals with the desire for a role that offers diverse challenges that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. Engineers with a proven track record who understand the complexities and nuances of connected propositions. At Philips, we’ll support you in broadening your expertise, and encourage you to inspire your team as you reach your full potential.


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