Make an impact on the world as well as your team.

You've already achieved a lot but now you're at a point in your career when you expect more and want to make a change for the best. Working at Philips will give you an opportunity to do just that, because we're a company with a big ambition.

It's our mission to improve people's lives through meaningful innovation – and we want you to play a central role. Philips can be your platform for leading teams, driving projects, thinking strategically, and inspiring colleagues from all over the world.

To fulfil your potential, we'll bring flexibility, stimulation and challenges to keep you inspired and engaged. After all, you can find a different job just about anywhere. But at Philips, you’ll find a different kind of life – one that encourages risk, rewards new thinking, and promotes mutual ambitions for a better world. 

Challenge yourself at Philips.

A Bigger Purpose

Something bigger than us all

We don’t want you to be ‘satisfied’ with your job. We want you to be curious, inspired, challenged, and most of all, excited about new possibilities. At Philips, what you do every day can contribute to innovative health technologies and solutions that make a positive and very visible impact on billions of people every year. Including you...

You may lead a team that develops an ultrasound scanner which shows the first moving images of your sister's unborn child. Co-develop an app that encourages your neighbor's kids to brush their teeth. Make a vital contribution to hospital imaging equipment that allows medical specialists to work with greater confidence and speed when treating your uncle. Or create personal care products that make friends feel better about who they are and how they face the world.

Our current employees have experiences like this every day. What do you want from your precious time? At Philips, you can make every day a day that matters.

We fully understand that work is only one part of your life.

We understand that you have a life outside work – and the need for balance between the personal and the professional.

When you're at your best, we're at ours

We offer a variety of benefits and health programs to help keep you and your teams strong, mentally and physically. A healthier personal life leads to a more rewarding professional one, helping you perform at your best as you manage every challenge life throws your way.

Take, for example, our flexible working policy, designed to help you balance home and work commitments for greater personal satisfaction and career productivity. With targets to increase female leadership at executive levels, co-create workshops to develop new propositions, and more, we're serious about offering an inclusive workplace that encourages multiple perspectives and facilitates more effective collaboration. In fact, we believe that by providing the right environment, we can help you take your talents to surprisingly new levels of accomplishment.


Expect a path to the unexpected

When you explore new paths, there are no markers: you blaze the trail; you lead the way. Yet Philips provides the environment for success with stimulating and satisfying projects, inspiring colleagues, leading multi-disciplinary teams, extensive learning resources, and the freedom to develop meaningful products and solutions.

You’ll arrive with ambitions. But you won’t be limited by them. As a Philips employee, expect the unexpected. Your career may take new directions through opportunities and responsibilities you never dreamt of having. Or you may discover that the impact of the work that you do is far greater than you could ever have imagined.

You’re given ample room to assert your abilities, but you’ll never work alone. We supplement on-the-job learning with coaching and mentoring, as well as formal training.

Discover Philips. What you find might surprise you.

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