Don't just make a living.
Make a difference.

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This kind of impact as an intern is incredible

Russell wasn’t always sure about which career path to follow but he knew he wanted to make a difference in the world. 
How I make life better for people
My internship experience at Philips: making a real difference where it matters the most
Hi, I am Oussama El Maimouni and I just finished my bachelor Science, Business & Innovation at the VU University in Amsterdam. I graduated with an internship at Philips HQ in Amsterdam, and I wanted to share the highlights of my internship experience because I think it was awesome and beyond expectations.
Life as a Philips trainee: Why start your career at Philips?
Follow Reshmi and Jip, Philips IT trainees,  as they experience their onboarding. They discuss their experience as a trainee. and give you all the reasons why you can consider starting your career at Philips. A company that is committed to making the world healthier and more sustainable through meaningful innovation.
What was your internship project at Philips?
We asked a group of our interns to tell us about what their internship experience was like. Watch and learn about how at Philips you get to work on meaningful work even as an intern.
A journey towards personal growth - Life at Philips
Gitanjali Chettri narrates her life at Philips experiences in this video. She had her first episode with Philips as an intern in team of engineers developing CT scanners. She chose to join as a full time employee as a software developer, coding to develop products which help in building a healthier society.
Life as a Philips Intern: don't just be a game changer, be a life changer
Follow Jordan and Sarah as they discuss their experience as a Philips intern. Exciting assignments, a fun community of friends and colleagues and a lot of opportunities to grow and learn.

An insider’s perspective on Philips life