What you choose
to do with your
career matters


It's not just a job when you're doing the work of your life
As you kick-start your career, you deserve the opportunity to work on projects that have real impact on the lives of millions, in a place where innovative collaboration is supported and flourishes, and where your personal and professional aspirations are encouraged.

Working at Philips is not just a career, but a career in which you’ll grow, make deep connections, work with inspirational minds and make a lasting and measurable difference to the world. Not just work but doing the work of your life to help the lives of others.
A career in tech at Philips allows you to make a world of difference

Make a world of difference

Give your career the best possible start. See how your work matters as you help solve some of the world’s biggest healthcare challenges with a company committed to acting responsibly and sustainably towards our planet.
Be proud of what you do. 
A career in tech at Philips allows you to harness the power of together

Harness the power of together

Bring everything that makes you unique. Connect with a thriving global community. Collaborate with tens of thousands of talented individuals who each add something different to their teams and to their work. See how the power of together can improve the lives of millions of patients, doctors and healthcare communities around the world. ​
A career in tech at Philips allows you to grow as yourself

Grow as yourself

Learn from the best and give your best. Bring your energy and your fresh perspective and dare to challenge us. Get access to world-class coaching and mentoring programs, workshops and conferences. Share your workspace and ideas with global experts. Build the life you want as you do the work of your life. ​
A career in tech at Philips allows you to gain perks to thrive

Gain perks to thrive

Discover all the benefits that come with starting your career at a company dedicated to improving the lives of others. Shape work around your needs with great holiday perks, well-being programs, and a host of other benefits designed to support you both in and out of your workplace.

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Everyday there is something new to learn. I got to work on real time problems which impacted the business. There's always someone to learn from, and I work with a lot of senior leadersand. The atmosphere is very pleasant even when it's busy.
Anuthya Peddineni
Software Engineer, Device Cloud, India
When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. Although over the years my career path took a different direction, I am part of an organization whose goal is to improve our lives, so the importance of improving and saving people's lives remains a part of me and my actions.
Ariel Palma
 Project Management Student, Systems Process ME, Israel
Bessi Becca, Management trainee, Germany
I love the fact that I can drive my ideas forward at Philips and actively shape the future together with the team. 
Bessi Becca
Management trainee, Germany
 Maria Wronka, Human resources trainee, Poland
I absolutely love my role in Philips' Talent Acquisition Graduate Development Program.
The wide range of tasks constantly pushes me to explore what truly excites me, while collaborating with stakeholders from various teams and countries has broadened my horizons. Philips' inclusive and supportive culture ensures that I look forward to each day at work.
Maria Wronka
Human resources trainee, Poland
Kayla Prinsloo, Field service engineering trainee, United Kingdom
Philips has allowed me to develop my knowledge and get hands-on experience while working on some amazing healthcare technology. It’s such a supportive environment with plenty of opportunities. Working as an engineer, it is extremely rewarding knowing that the work you are completing could potentially save someone’s life.
Kayla Prinsloo
Field service engineering trainee, United Kingdom
Abdullah Sadiq, Sales analyst, UAE
Starting my career at Philips as part of the META wide graduate program has been fantastic. Everyone here is supportive, but above all, my manager and mentor have been instrumental in making it a memorable experience, full of learning.
Abdullah Sadiq
Sales analyst, UAE
I had a stint with Philips as intern around 4 years back under Research team, then I decided to work here permanentally. Working at Philips is really interesting and I get great exposure.
People at Philips encourage you to work your way, and on projects that you want to work.
 Amritha Bhandarkar
Development Engineer, Philips Healthcare, India
Minh Tam Truong, Engineering trainee, Germany
It’s incredibly motivating to see how passionately cross-functional teams all around the globe are working together to bring our idea of future patient monitoring to life. Seeing how our devices make a crucial impact in almost every patient journey and how caregivers interact with them, always grounds me that this is a clear team effort and that every step from first ideation to the bedside, however small it may seem at first, is important
Minh Tam Truong
Engineering trainee, Germany
Emma Bennett, Modality sales specialist, United Kingdom
Being on the Philips grad scheme is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience across a wide range of businesses and functions within the corporate world. The nurturing environment of Philips provides a uniquely supportive and open culture for early career development.
Emma Bennett
Modality sales specialist, United Kingdom