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Do the work of your life to help the lives of others

Do the work of your life to help the lives of others

Everything we do at Philips is about making life better for people around the world. How? By creating meaningful innovations that solve a range of healthcare challenges, big and small. Philips France Commercial is headquartered in Suresnes and we employ around 900 people across the country. The Health Technology Innovation Paris office, located in the city center, hosts an R&D group of 200+ teammates who are dedicated to machine learning, data and AI applied to Imaging, Cardiology and Patient Surveillance. In Nantes, our office brings together our Sleep & Respiratory Care activities and teams.

A career in tech at Philips allows you to make a world of difference

Make a world of difference

Put your technical knowledge of programming languages, cloud computing, AI and machine learning to work in a fast-evolving environment where you can play a critical role in the future of healthcare. You'll be part of the efforts to create sustainable and innovative solutions which improve the health of billions around the world in ways that are in harmony with a healthy planet. 
A career in tech at Philips allows you to harness the power of together

Harness the power of together

Connect and collaborate with diverse and highly-skilled technical talent at Philips’ Health Technology Innovation site in Paris. Philips Health Technology Innovation Paris office brings together Philips’ connected care solutions teams from Medisys, Cardiologs and CDS. You’ll have access to R&D facilities, applications expertise, the latest tech stacks and modern technologies in a highly agile environment, giving you space to thrive 
A career in tech at Philips allows you to grow as yourself

Grow as yourself

Hone and evolve your tech skills and develop new ones by being stimulated to learn and solve healthcare challenges that affect multiple areas of people’s lives. 
You’ll join our growing Philips Health Technology Innovation site in Paris which promotes an environment tailored to IT excellence with regular hackathons for developers, testers and DevOps.  
A career in tech at Philips allows you to gain perks to thrive

Gain perks to thrive

You’ll receive a variety of benefits aimed at keeping you happy, healthy, strong and engaged. And you’ll be given the flexibility to help you shape a healthy work rhythm with strong holiday policies, well-being programs and more offerings designed to support you – both inside and outside of work. 

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Hear from our experts how does it feel to work at the heart of innovation in Paris

Meriem Biondi
Meriem Biondi,
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, 
shares how innovation attracted her to start working at Philips.
Artem Lobantsev
Artem Lobantsev,
AI Research Data Scientist,
shares how AI can help to process the images of X-ray or MRI to improve the speed of acquisition. 
Sofiane Decombas-Deschamps
Sofiane Decombas-Deschamps, 
Research Scientist, 
 how she is helping doctors improve the diagnosis of 
common heart disease.  
Julie Durel
Julie Durel, 
Biomedical Engineer,
shares how she feels to 
do something meaningful for all the clinical staff in the world.
Arnault Docus
Arnault Docs,
Hardware Test Manager,
shares his experience in the development of a medical tablet that can connect to all of Philips medical devices.
 Sarah Curtit
Sarah Curtin,
Data Scientist,
shares how the algorithm she is writing can support with detection of severe heart conditions.

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